Eyelash Extensions

So many people come to us with hit and miss stories about the lashes they have tried but one thing is for sure, you will leave totally satisfied with the result from our expert technicians.  We have every length every curl, every thickness that you could possibly desire and we only use the highest quality available.  

Eyelash Extensions
Classic Full Set


Classic Refill Set                                  From:


Russian Volume - Full Set


Russian Volume Refill                         From:


Hybrid Lashes Available


Eyelash Ext Removal


Eyelash tint


Eyebrow tint


Eyelash Lift & Tint


Beauty Combos
Brow & lip wax & brow tint


Brow & lash tint


Brow wax & brow tint


Brow wax – brow & lash tint


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